Working with wood for the greater good

Menzshed members are helping the next generation of woodworkers get to grips with the tools of the trade.

The 15-strong group of men at Renwick Menzshed donate their time to pass on the benefit of their experience to eager pupils from Renwick School.

Each term, children are given the chance to craft their own work.

Coordinator Rick Gleeson says its great to see the boys enjoying themselves.

“The 6 and 7-year-olds, come down on a Friday morning and we give them wooden projects to make. We cut the pieces out for them and they use hammers and nails.

“There’s plenty of things going on, that’s for sure. One of the guys has just finished rebuilding a dinghy for the kids at Renwick Preschool to use.

“It’s all community stuff,” he says.

Rick Gleeson and the team from Renwick Menzshed recently made tables for pupils at Renwick School. Photo: Matt Brown.

The group shares close links with the school and recently revamped some wooden cable reels into colourful tables for them.

Rick says it’s great to see the children gain confidence over time.

“We start them off with some scrap wood, to get them used to using a hammer.

“Then, we get them putting together a boat, measuring and using the right sized nails. They really enjoy it.

“They’re a bit shy but by the third week they’re running down the driveway to get here,” he says.

The popular group, which includes a couple of Blenheim members is looking to expand their premises.

“We’re trying to make some money to build another shed. Originally, it was just a single garage,” says Rick.

Renwick Menzshed meet by the Anglican Church on the main road, Tuesdays from 9.00 am -12 noon.

The group can help with a variety of community projects and new members are always welcome.

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