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Wine and music a match for concert

Elgee Leung and Simon Clark are mixing music with wine at a special concert. Photo: Jessica Jones.

Two Marlburians have teamed up to combine their talents with a special concert mixing music and wine.

Cellist Elgee Leung and Simon Clark from Clark Estate are hosting a chamber music concert with a difference.

A selection of wines has been matched to compliment the melodies

The pair hope both the music and the wines, from the Clericus range, will spark conversation.

“These wines offer purity, harmony and structure that will complement the quality of music being played.

“The audience will have the opportunity to taste wines that have a story behind them that will provoke thought, emotion and conversation, much like what classical music does,” Simon says.

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning pianist, Dr Michael Tsalka will also perform in the programme which features works by Beethoven, Schumann, and Brahms.

Simon, who has played the trumpet since he was a child says most of his family play classical music.

“A dream would be to play a horn-cello duet with Elgee but I believe our true duet is combining the elegance of the wines with the beauty of the cello.

“For me, the cello is the most beautiful and soulful instrument in the orchestra. Cello concertos speak directly to the heart and can be very powerful if you let yourself be taken on that journey.”

Celebrated Hong-Kong cellist Elgee moved to Marlborough in 2018 and has been making his mark on the music scene ever since.

For him the concert combines two of his favourite things – music and wine.

“Sometimes a great bottle of wine reminds me of a particular piece of music, or vice versa. I then think it’d be interesting to try to combine the two mediums of art.

“It’s very personal, and of course requires lots of imagination. A good fit would enhance the taster/audience’s feeling in both, he says.

The concert takes place on Saturday 7 March at St Andrews Presbyterian Church. Tickets are available at the door ($40 Adults, $20 Students). Door opens at 6:30pm

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