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Village green pub dream for Rai

The Rai Valley Tavern is on the market and residents would like to see the area made into a village green. Photo: Supplied.

Residents in Rai Valley have launched a last-ditch plea for help to secure land for a village green.

Plans for a designated green space have been in the pipeline for seven years.

And as the Rai Valley Tavern is up for sale, locals would like council to step in and buy it.

Speaking on behalf of the Rai Valley Progress League, resident Faye Leov says Rai is a gateway to the Marlborough region and needs to make a good impression.

“It’s a vision that we have had for so long and that we believe is a very important community goal.

“We believe that allowing a village green will have an ongoing, long tern benefit and support community pride,” she says.

For seven years, locals have put forward a submission to Marlborough District Council for land purchase.

Past possibilities include the old cheese factory site, but it was later discovered two of the directors had bought the property from other partners.

Faye says she would like to see a commitment from council to investigate the possibility of buying land, including the Rai Valley Tavern, which is on the market.

There are already interested buyers she revealed.

“We feel very passionate about this concept so can’t let it go until all avenues have been explored.

“Naturally this alarmed me.

“I cannot understand why properties in Rai Valley are now selling very quickly.

“I felt I needed to advise you now in case the whole exercise is again for nought, she says.

Rai Valley was enjoying a boom in residents, with many families returning to the area they grew-up in.

Faye says a park would be a great public amenity for visitors and residents alike.

“People in rural areas have the same simple needs as their urban counterparts; space for their families, space to meet and play. A safe, public space for special markets, a resting place to nurture our souls.

“Every good concept starts with a glimmer, a vision that if nourished … grows to become a valuable asset for all to enjoy now and for future generations.”

A spokeswoman from Rai Valley Tavern confirmed the business was on the market.

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