Vietnam trek for Marlborough children

Penny Dickeson, left, spent four days trekking through Vietnam. Photo: Supplied.

Four days, 70km and a climb reaching more than 420 storeys took a Marlborough woman on the trek of a lifetime.

Penelope Dickeson took part in a trek in Vietnam to raise money for the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

Penny’s Trek to Transform Lives took her up steep slopes, rugged and remote terrain and all in 30 degree plus heat.

But the kind-hearted adventurer says it was all worth it.

“Some slopes were over 65 degrees, some tracks were barely a foot wide and I certainly made use of the trekking poles.

“Very proud that I persevered through it all and completed the whole challenge,” she says.

Penny joined a team of ten others who took up the challenge, raising $28,000 in total for the Graeme Dingle Foundation

Her efforts paid off to the tune of $3000 for the Marlborough-based group.

The adventure took the Cloudy Bay operations controller through small villages and into the hills, some of the parts were so steep she needed trekking poles to stay upright.

The stunning scenery was a reminder of home at times, she says.

“After a trek along the rough road we paused as some stunning clouds reminding me of the Cloudy Bay mist.

“Some steep descent through water wash tracks was hard going, and I really appreciated having my trekking poles – I’m becoming bit of a pro at spider-womaning with them.

“Great scenery down the hill, but then … OMG the hardest walk back up 65-degree angle plus. So hot and burning,” she says.

Penny says the support of her husband back home and the other team members was vital.

“I found my happy place encouraging another team member and sticking it out with her.

“We trekked on a dirt trail, through the bamboo forest and on various terrain surrounded by beautiful, green rice paddy terraces. The scenery is spectacular and the walking tough.

Marlborough manager at the Graeme Dingle Foundation says Penny’s support means a lot.

“Thank you so, so much for undertaking this fundraising journey and  adventure for us.

“Your generosity means we can continue to work with over 50 percent of Marlborough children every week – and inspire and transform even more young lives”.

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