Victim hits out at assault

Trapped on his mobility scooter, pensioner Doug Woolf watched in horror as the Ute raced towards him.

As his scooter crashed to the ground, the 67-year-old Blenheim man says he thought he was going to die.

He has now hit out at the court system after the man who attacked him escaped jail.

The frail pensioner has been left bewildered and angry by the court’s decision.

“What’s to put him off doing this to someone else? It’s hardly much of a deterrent.

“I would like to have seen him charged with attempted murder as it was a deliberate act and I could have died.

“I wasn’t able to defend myself properly but if it had been someone in their 90s, I believe he would have killed them,” Doug says.

The man was sentenced to nine months suspended sentence and community service last week in Taupo District Court.

He was also ordered to pay reparation in $25-dollar instalments.

He says he had been heading home when he was punched several times around the head by the offender.

“He tried to pull me off my scooter. I could have looked after myself a few years ago but not now.

“I drove up the road and dialled 111 and while I was talking, I heard the car coming and then it hit.

“There was glass all over the road, my hearing aids fell out and my stuff was everywhere.

“People came running over to help and stayed with me until the police and ambulance arrived.

“I find it almost impossible to believe that this happened in Blenheim. I keep seeing the Ute driving straight for me and am quite traumatised by it all,” he says.

The man had been visiting relatives in Blenheim for a 21st birthday party and he had been drinking.

Doug says he has been left in a great deal of pain and is still shaken by what happened.

“I haven’t been in great health anyway, but this has made it much worse.

“I’m very wary of going out on my scooter now. I thought he would get jail time, that’s what the police told me.

“It’s gutting.”

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