Uber Mayor steers couple in right direction

Marlborough Mayor John Leggett gave Mike Tahere and his wife a lift from the airport. Photo: Supplied.

Marlborough’s mayor stepped into rescue a couple stranded at the airport – by turning taxi driver.

With no taxis available, retired senior constable Mike Tahere and his wife were delighted to be offered a lift by a kind-hearted stranger.

It was only when they got chatting that they realised it was Marlborough Mayor John Leggett who had helped them out.

The grateful visitors posted to Facebook to say thank you and to the people of Marlborough who made them so welcome.

“I just wanted to thank his worship the Mayor John Leggett that gave my wife and I a lift into Blenheim from the airport last Friday afternoon as there were no taxis available.

“It was a great start to our weekend in Marlborough.”

In town for a 60th birthday celebration, Mike and his wife were part of a group of 30 people from Paraparaumu.

John says he had been in Wellington for a local government meeting when he passed the couple by the empty taxi rank outside the terminal.

“I heard the word Uber so I explained we didn’t have that but asked where they were going, and I was going straight passed Chateau Marlborough so offered to take them.

“They were a genuinely, lovely, nice couple and we got chatting and had a few laughs along the way.

“They were here to have a great time and I’m delighted that they did,”

Mike was full of praise for the region, complimenting Chateau Marlborough where they stayed and the Clubs of Marlborough where the party was held.

“We enjoyed our stay at the Chateau Marlborough, great accommodation, service and meals.

“The ladies enjoyed shopping therapy on Saturday morning. In the afternoon we went on a wine tasting tour at Bladen winery.

“Thanks to the Marlborough people for your hospitality, we enjoyed ourselves and we will be back.”

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