Truck off trophy

Havelock artist Tony Matthews. Photo: Matt Brown.

A chance meeting with a wine-loving artist has upped the stakes in an inaugural food truck battle.

The Battle of the Whangamoas, will see Nelson and Marlborough battle it out in a food truck feud.

And the trophy, designed and donated by Havelock artist Tony Matthews, is ready and waiting for the first winner.

“We had gone into the Wine Station months ago now.

We were going for a drink; we were just checking it out on one of our regular trips to Blenheim,” Tony says.

“We got talking about the copper bar in there and I told her I sculpted copper.”

Wine Station manager Michelle Osgood says she asked Tony if he would design a trophy for the inter-regional event.

“I wanted a sphere with a food truck in it.

With a few revisions from Tony, mainly so the trophy would be able to sit on a counter, the sculpture was complete.

A wooden base supports a half sphere made from copper, black tinted glass and on top, a model of a food truck.

Around the bottom shields will display the triumphant mobile kitchen’s name.

“We love it, it’s awesome.”

“We can’t wait to see the competitors’ faces,” Michelle says.

Lifelong artist, Tony turned his hand to sculpting with copper after moving to Havelock 11 years ago.

After moving to the mussel capital, he says he wanted to create something special and unique to the town.

He began making sculptures of mussels out of copper.

The food truck trophy was a good fit.

Entry to the February 29 event will cost $10, with funds raised going to the Blenheim Rotary Club.

Running from 12pm and 7pm, it is hoped the event will appeal to both lunch and dinner time crowds, Michelle says.

“It’s really cool. I’m pretty excited, and I’m overwhelmed at how excited other people are,” Michelle says.

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