Thank you, essential workers

Essential workers from every department at Wairau Hospital have ensured patients get the care they need. Photo: Paula Hulburt

Essential workers across Marlborough have helped keep the region going through lockdown – and all their efforts are appreciated.

From Supermarket staff to medical personnel, through to emergency services, teachers, vets, rest home staff, pharmacists and others, people have pulled together across the region.

And as a region, we want to thank you all for the vital part you have all played in keeping us all safe throughout Alert Level 4.

Marlborough Mayor John Leggett is today paying tribute to all essential workers.

He says the region’s close-knit ties are more important than ever before.

“Marlborough is a close-knit community, with generous spirited people who help each other.

“Our strong networks – families, workplaces, clubs, churches and schools – are going to be important as we enter the Level 3 lockdown period, which for many of us will be similar to the Level 4 restrictions.

“Thank you to all the essential workers who have kept Marlborough going through the lockdown – your work and achievements are well recognised and appreciated.”

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