Tennis honours former president

Brett Forgesson. Photo: Supplied.

The Marlborough Tennis Association has a new life member after Brett Forgesson was honoured with the prestigious award at the latest annual meeting of the MTA.

Brett was an active and innovative president of the local association from 2010 until 2018, after joining the MTA committee in 2009.

In his first annual report he outlined his goals, which included making the MTA “known as the best small association in NZ Tennis within the next two or three years and looked at as a model for success by other districts”.

Current MTA president Lindsay Parkinson said Brett certainly achieved that objective.

“He became president after a turbulent few years for Marlborough tennis and, through an enormous amount of work and dedication, Brett ushered in a new, very successful era,” said Parkinson.

“Brett was an impressive administrator who worked tirelessly for the good of tennis in Marlborough over many years.

“He led a committee which established a successful relationship with a professional and accomplished coaching team meaning that both juniors and seniors were delivered a quality and consistent product.”

He also introduced a number of new annual representative matches for Marlborough’s players, increased fund-raising opportunities and rebuilt the primary school competition which grew from 180 participants in 2010/11 to around 280 in 2017/18.

Under his leadership, Marlborough hosted the TNZ Junior Masters finals in 2011 and both the TNZ under 16 national champs and the South Island Primary Schools tournament in 2012.

“Brett embraced the new technology available and brought a new professionalism to the Marlborough tournaments,” said Parkinson.

“He also increased the revenue steam from funding organisations and sponsors, raising the reserves of the association considerably, while at the same time managing to grow the programmes that the association offers.

“Although Brett was ably assisted by his committee everyone will testify to how much work he put into the Association. This was most evident in 2013-2014 when the MTA operated without a paid administrator. Brett effectively did the administrator’s role while also working full-time,” added Parkinson.

Brett joins Nigel Perry, David Winstanley and Barry Stringer as life members of the MTA.

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