Youngster Oscar Sandford-Jury scored a vital singles win for Renwick CPR on Wednesday. Photo: Peter Jones.

Rapaura Blanc too strong for club mates

Rapaura Blanc came out on top of their derby battle with clubmates Rapaura Noir during the latest round of Wine Brokers NZ premier interclub tennis on Wednesday.

The Blanc side prevailed 6-3, joining Renwick, who beat Marlborough by the same score, in the winner’s circle.

In the all-Rapaura battle the men’s doubles were shared, Blanc’s Ant Walkenhorst and Lee Harborne beating Hamish McRae and Hugh Robinson in two sets before the Noir duo of Glen Cameron and Tony Fenemor levelled the score with victory over Hiro Kishida and Stephen Dempster.

Ben Burridge and Donna Clark took out the mixed over Eveline Apthorp and Ross Charlton to edge Blanc ahead, then singles wins to Walkenhorst, who downed McRae 7-6, 4-6, 13-11 in a see-sawing battle, Harborne (by default), Dempster and Clark ensured Blanc took the majority of the points on offer.

Renwick continue to lead the points table, consolidating their advantage with a solid win over Marlborough.

The men’s doubles were shared – Marlborough’s Hamish Morrow and Cameron Lyons getting the better of Dave Sandford and Oscar Sandford-Jury in a three-setter, 2-6, 7-5, 10-8, before Chris Nott and Joseph Sandford-Jury downed Jay and Luca Geris in another epic encounter, winning 6-0, 4-6, 10-6.

Daniel Riordan and Mieko Kimura took out their mixed doubles match to edge Renwick in front, before the singles were contested.

The top single was a battle royal, Oscar Sandford-Jury eventually getting the better of Morrow, 2-6, 6-0, 10-4. Nott, Joseph Sandford-Jury and Riordan also added wins for Renwick to ensure they maintained their winning momentum.

Standings after six rounds: Renwick CPR 89, Rapaura Wairau Blanc 76, Rapaura Wairau Noir 52, Marlborough Forrest Wines 42.


WK+ Presidents Grade results from November 19.

Division 1: Rapaura Wairau River 4 Rapaura Masters 0; Rapaura Just Move 2 (28) Grovetown Grove Tavern Top Shelf 2 (24); MTC Chilli 2 (32) MTC Power 2 (22).

Division 2: Rapaura Matadors 2 (27) Renwick Mighty Four 2 (31); MTC Swifts 3 MTC Swallows 1; MTC Volleyeurs 3 Rapaura Pinot 1; MTC Roger Townley Construction 3 Rapaura Newhawkes 1.

Division 3: Rapaura Chardonnay 1 Renwick Rookies 3; Renwick Netsetters 4 MTC Bjorn Again 0; Grovetown Grove Tavern Turf & Tackle 1 Renwick Rebels 3.

Division 4: Renwick Serve us a Double! 4 Grovetown Grove Tavern Platters 0; Renwick Racquets 4 Rapaura Vines 0 Rapaura Shiraz a bye.

Oscar Sandford-Jury lines up a smash during his Renwick CPR side’s victory at Pollard Park on Wednesday. Darin Herd watches in the background. Photo: Peter Jones.

Premier tennis leaders flourish

Rapaura Blanc and Renwick CPR were the big winners and consolidated their lead at the top of the table during the latest round of the Wine Brokers NZ premier tennis competition on Wednesday.

Rapaura used home court advantage to the full to beat Marlborough 7-2 while Renwick were just as convincing, downing Rapaura Noir by the same score.

In the match at the Forrest Winery Marlborough Tennis Centre Renwick were dominant through most of the roster.

They won both the men’s doubles, Oscar Sandford-Jury and Darin Herd prevailing 6-4, 6-4 over Hugh Robinson and Owen Dodson, then Chris Nott and Joseph Sandford-Jury beating Tony Fenemor and Ross Charlton 6-2, 6-4.

Rapaura Noir claimed one back with a mixed doubles win when Glen Cameron and Eveline Apthorp scored a 6-2, 7-5 win over Daniel Riordan and Mieko Kimura.

Singles wins to both the Sandford-Jury brothers, Herd, Nott and Riordan ensured Renwick were never going to be headed, although Apthorp pulled a match back with a win in the women’s single.

On the grass courts, Rapaura Blanc made a blazing start, Ant Walkenhorst and Lee Harborne beating Hamish Morrow and Cameron Lyons 4-6, 7-5, 10-8 in a nail-biter, then Stephen Dempster and Hiro Kishida downing Luca and Jay Geris 6-4, 6-4 in the second men’s’ double.

Ben Burridge and Pauline Fudge combined to take out the mixed doubles, beating Hamish Burrow and Sandy Stubbs 6-2, 6-1 to make a clean sweep of the combines.

Four of the six singles went Rapaura’s way, second victories from Fudge, Kishida, Burridge and Harborne clinching overall victory, although Marlborough grabbed a couple of points, Morrow winning the No 1 men’s tussle against Walkenhorst 7-6, 2-6, 10-8 and Luca Geris taking out the No 4 match-up against Dempster in two sets.

Provisional standings after five rounds: Renwick CPR 74, Rapaura Wairau Blanc 60, Rapaura Wairau Noir 45, Marlborough Forrest Wines 34.


WK+ Presidents grade results, November 12

Division 1: MTC Power 0 Rapaura Just Move 4; MTC Chilli 1 Rapaura Masters 3; Rapaura Wairau River 3 Grovetown Grove Tavern Top Shelf 1.

Division 2: Rapaura Pinot 3 Rapaura Matadors 1; Rapaura Newhawkes 0 MTC Volleyeurs 4; MTC Roger Townley Construction 2 (31) MTC Swifts 2 (28); Renwick Mighty Four 3 MTC Swallows 1.

Division 3: MTC Bjorn Again 2 (29) Rapaura Chardonnay 2 (27); Renwick Rebels 0 Renwick Netsetters 4; Grovetown Grove Tavern Turf & Tackle 2 (26) Renwick Re-strung 2 (32); Renwick Rookies 2 (21) MTC Tennis the Menace 2 (23).

Division 4: Rapaura Vines 2 (25) Rapaura Shiraz 2 (33); Renwick Racquets 0 Renwick Serve us a Double! 4; Grovetown Grove Tavern Platters a bye.

Hamish McRae’s Rapaura Noir team had a win on the grass courts. Photo: Peter Jones.

Rapaura tennis teams notch double

Two tight scorelines marked the latest round of the Marlborough Tennis Association’s Wine Brokers NZ premier competition on Wednesday.

Both games were decided 5-4, Rapaura Wairau Noir defeating Marlborough Forrest Wines on the Rapaura grass courts and Rapaura Wairau Blanc overcoming competition leaders Renwick CPR at Pollard Park.

Noir took out two of the three doubles, Glen Cameron and Adrian Bryant winning, as well as Ross Charlton with Eveline Apthorp.

The singles were shared, with the Geris brothers, Luca and Jay, producing strong performances on the grass to keep the Marlborough side within range of victory.

However, Hamish McRae’s win over Hamish Morrow, plus late victories to Charlton and Apthorp saw the home side prevail narrowly.

In Blenheim, Rapaura Wairau Blanc took advantage of a depleted Renwick combination to pick up some valuable points.

Three matches were defaulted, putting Renwick well behind the eight ball from the outset, but Mieko Kimura and Daniel Riordan won the mixed and both prevailed in singles to keep the leaders in the game.

However, a double win to Ben Burridge and Hiro Kishida, plus a singles victory by Stephen Dempster saw Blanc take the win.


Standings after four rounds: Renwick CPR 58, Rapaura Wairau Blanc 43, Rapaura Wairau Noir 41, Marlborough Forrest Wines 29.


WK+ Presidents Grade results, 5 November 2019

Division 1: Grovetown Grove Tavern Top Shelf 2 (22) MTC Chilli 2 (25); Rapaura Just Move v Rapaura Wairau River (result not received); Rapaura Masters 4 MTC Power 0.

Division 2: MTC Volleyeurs 1 MTC Roger Townley Construction 3; MTC Swallows 0 Rapaura Pinot 4; Rapaura Matadors 2 (26) Rapaura Newhawkes 2 (20); MTC Swifts 4 Renwick Mighty Four 0.

Division 3: Renwick Netsetters 3 Grovetown Grove Tavern Turf & Tackle 1; MTC Tennis the Menace 2 (31) MTC Bjorn Again 2 (28); Rapaura Chardonnay 0 Renwick Rebels 4; Renwick Re-strung 1 Renwick Rookies 3.

Division 4: Renwick Racquets 1 Grovetown Grove Tavern Platters 3; Renwick Serve us a Double! 4 Rapaura Shiraz 0; Rapaura Vines a bye.

The victorious Marlborough tennis team. From left: Cameron Lyons, Sina Walter, Oscar Sandford-Jury, Jade Otway, Hamish Morrow, Eveline Apthorp, Hamish McRae, Meiko Kimura. Photo: Supplied.

Tennis trophy back in Marlborough

The historic Lucas Cup is back in Marlborough hands.

The much-coveted tennis trophy, which has been at stake between senior players from Marlborough and Nelson for 70 years, was recently contested in Nelson.

Marlborough came away with a 10-6 overall victory, bringing the cup back across the Whangamoas for the first time since 2005.

The doubles matches which started the day were tightly-contested, Marlborough losing both the men’s encounters but the female combinations of Jade Otway and Eveline Apthorp, plus Sina Walter and Mieko Kimura both getting home in super tiebreakers.

Marlborough took control in the singles, winning six of the eight match-ups.

Hamish Morrow, Oscar Sandford-Jury, who prevailed in a high-quality three-setter, Hamish McRae, Otway, Apthorp and Mieko Kimura were victorious to push Marlborough in front 8-4 and within a point of victory.

It did not take long for the tie to be decided, Marlborough’s top pairing of Morrow and Otway dominating in the mixed to clinch the Lucas Cup.

Otway’s return was a key factor, the NZ junior rep winning all her three matches, as did the consistent Apthorp.

Morrow, the team captain said it was “special” to win the cup.

“I have been trying for seven years, since I returned to Marlborough, to bring the trophy back so it was a special moment for us to finally get our hands on it.

“Our win was the result of a strong team performance across the board, everyone played their part.”

Hamish McRae. Photo: Supplied.

Tennis leaders pull away

Renwick CPR extended their lead in the Winebrokers premier tennis competition with a comprehensive win at Pollard Park on Wednesday.

They downed Marlborough Forrest Wines 8-1, showing strength throughout their line-up.

Oscar Sandford-Jury and his father, Dave Sandford, opened proceedings with a 6-3, 6-2 win in a family match-up against Jay and Luca Geris.

Chris Nott and Joseph Sandford-Jury followed up with a 6-1, 6-1 win in the No 2 men’s double to set the tone. Marlborough’s only win of the ties came in the men’s No 3 single when Nott defaulted with shoulder issues.

Renwick’s Meiko Kimura took out the ladies singles 6-3, 6-2 over Sandy Stubbs.

Meanwhile, in a Rapaura derby on the grass courts, Rapaura Wairau Noir defeated Rapaura Wairau Blanc 6-3.

The No 1 men’s double clash turned into a classic, with Blanc’s Ant Walkenhorst and Stephen Dempster outlasting Hamish McRae and Hugh Robinson 6-4, 2-6, 10-7.

Brendon Sutherland and Tony Fenemor levelled the tie with a 6-3, 6-4 win over Hiro Kishida and Richard Marfell, then Glen Cameron and promising newcomer Sina Walter put Noir ahead with a 5-7, 6-1, 11-9 victory in the mixed, over Ben Burridge and Donna Clark.

Singles victories to McRae, Cameron, Sutherland and Fenemor decided the tie in favour of Noir, although Blanc picked up two more wins, Walter having to default her ladies singles clash after rolling her ankle and Burridge winning his singles.

Standings after three rounds: Renwick CPR 50, Rapaura Wairau Blanc 30, Rapaura Wairau Noir 28, Marlborough Forrest Wines 20.


WK+ Presidents Grade results, October 29.

Division 1: MTC Chilli 0 Rapaura Wairau River 4; MTC Power 2 (25) Grovetown Grove Tavern Top Shelf 2 (26); Rapaura Masters 3 Rapaura Just Move 1.

Division 2: Rapaura Pinot 4 Renwick Mighty Four 0; MTC Roger Townley Construction 4 Rapaura Matadors 0; Rapaura Newhawkes 2 (25) MTC Swallows 2 (28); MTC Volleyeurs 1 MTC Swifts 3.

Division 3: MTC Bjorn Again 1 Renwick Rookies 3; Grovetown Grove Tavern Turf & Tackle 0 Rapaura Chardonnay 4; Renwick Rebels 2 (28) MTC Tennis the Menace 2 (30); Renwick Netsetters 4 Renwick Re-strung 0.

Division 4: Renwick Serve us a Double! 4 Rapaura Vines 0; Rapaura Shiraz 3 Grovetown Grove Tavern Platters 1; Renwick Racquets a bye.

Oscar Sandford-Jury was in fine form for the table-topping Renwick CPR combination on Wednesday. Photo: Peter Jones.

Renwick premier tennis team make early move

Renwick CPR have taken an early lead in the Wine Brokers Marlborough premier tennis competition after the second round was played on Wednesday.

Renwick scored a convincing 8-1 victory over Rapuara Wairau Noir while, in the other match contested last week, Rapaura Wairau Blanc comfortably downed Marlborough Forrest Wines 7-2.

The Renwick combination, with three members of the Sandford-Jury clan on board, made short work of their clash with the Noir combination, winning 16 sets across the nine games to their rival’s two.

Oscar Sandford-Jury and his father, Dave Sandford, beat Hamish McRae and Glen Cameron 6-3, 6-2 to get the ball rolling, then Chris Nott and Joseph Sandford-Jury downed Tony Fenemor and Adrian Bryant 6-1, 6-2 to clean sweep the men’s doubles.

The singles matches went the same way, except the women’s tussle between Renwick’s Mieko Kimura and Rapaura’s Eveline Apthorp, won by the latter 6-4, 6-4.

The other clash was more evenly poised at the halfway stage. Ant Walkenhorst and Stephen Dempster downed Hamish Morrow and Jay Geris 6-1, 4-6, 10-8 to win the No 1 men’s doubles, Hiro Kishida and Ivan downed Hamish Burrows and George Geris 6-3, 6-4 and Sandy Stubbs paired with Phil Sowman to overcome Ben Burridge and Pauline Fudge to give Rapaura Blanc a perfect 3-0 start. However Marlborough replied with two singles wins, to Walkenhorst over Morrow and Burridge over Jay Geris, to keep their hopes afloat.

But their resurgence was short-lived, with Rapaura finishing with four wins to wrap the points and move to a clear second on the points table.

Standings: Renwick CPR 32, Rapuara Wairau Blanc 22, Marlborough Forrest Wines 17, Rapaura Wairau Noir 12.


WK+ Presidents Grade results, 22 October.

Division 1: Grovetown Grove Tavern Top Shelf 2 (23) Rapaura Masters 2 (30); Rapaura Wairau River 4 MTC Power 0; Rapaura Just Move 2 (28) MTC Chilli 2 (30).

Division 2: MTC Swallows 1 MTC Roger Townley Construction 3; Renwick Mighty Four 1 Rapaura Newhawkes 3; MTC Swifts 1 Rapaura Pinot 3; Rapaura Matadors 1 MTC Volleyeurs 3.

Division 3: MTC Tennis the Menace 3 Grovetown Grove Tavern Turf & Tackle 1; Renwick Rookies 0 Renwick Rebels 4; Renwick Re-strung 4 MTC Bjorn Again 0; Rapaura Chardonnay 0 Renwick Netsetters 4.

Division 4: Rapaura Shiraz 4 Renwick Racquets 0; Grovetown Grove Tavern Platters 4 Rapaura Vines 0; Renwick Serve us a Double! had a bye.

Eveline Apthorp is a member of the Rapaura Wairau Noir combination. Photo: Peter Jones.

Premier tennis underway

The Wine Brokers NZ premier tennis competition kicked off on Wednesday under a slightly-different format this season.

Four six-strong teams will contest the premier grade this time around, two from the Rapaura club and one each from Marlborough and Renwick.

A close competition is in prospect if the opening exchanges were anything to go by. Two very tight matches kicked the season off, both coming down to the final match.

In the first game Marlborough Forrest Wines defeated Rapaura Wairau Noir 5-4.

Rapaura made a promising opening, winning both of the men’s doubles. Hamish McRae and Hugh Robinson defeated Oscar Parkinson and Jay Geris 6-4, 6-2 while Glen Cameron and Adrian Bryant downed Owen Dobson and Pete Stubbs 6-3, 7-6. Marlborough claimed the mixed with Phil Sowman and Sandy Stubbs defeating Tony Fenemor and Eveline Apthorp 6-4, 6-4.

In the men’s singles Parkinson was too consistent for McRae, wining 6-1, 6-3 but Robinson grabbed the number two singles for Rapaura, winning 6-3, 6-4 over Geris.

Apthorp was too strong for Stubbs in the in the women’s singles, winning 6-2, 6-1. Rapaura led four matches to two but Marlborough started their comeback with Stubbs defeating Bryant. The both Dodson and Sowman prevailing in third set tiebreakers to beat Cameron and Fenemor and set up the narrow win for Marlborough.

The other encounter was taken out by Renwick CPR, who downed Rapaura Blanc 5-4.

The men’s doubles were shared, Ant Walkenhorst and Stephen Dempster downing Oscar Sandford-Jury and Dave Sandford 6-4, 1-6, 10-3, then Chris Nott and Joseph Sandford-Jury replied with a 6-4, 6-1 win over Hiro Kishida and Mike Ennis.

Daniel Riordan and Kimura won the mixed doubles clash, then Walkenhorst beat Oscar Sandford-Jury in the top men’s singles to give Rapaura an early edge.

However Renwick battled back, Dave Sandford, Nott, Joseph Sandford-Jury and Riordan (by default) claiming singles wins to put Renwick in a winning position. Donna Clark convincingly won the women’s singles clash to add a late point for Rapaura.

Tasman 14s player Lily Parkinson in action. Photo: Peter Jones.

Tough going for tennis youngsters

Tasman’s rising tennis stars put up a strong showing against a formidable Canterbury representative selection at Pollard Park over the weekend.

The fixture was contested across 10s, 12s and 14s age groups.

A few injuries, other sporting commitments and timing meant Tasman were not at full strength but those that played represented the province with pride.

Canterbury boast plenty of depth in the junior levels, this year was no exception and the team, coached by Matt Meredith, made a strong start with Tasman picking up only two wins in the doubles to Rocket Richards and Liam Howes in the 10s boys, plus Lily Parkinson and Ashley Welsh in the 14s girls.

Tasman, coached by John Gardiner and Ashleigh Calder, tried to regroup before the singles matches but again Canterbury were very strong with only Ashley Welsh and Poppy Eradus picking up wins in the 14s girls and Rocket Richards in the 10s boys. The mixed doubles also went the way of Canterbury although Tasman put up a strong fight.

On Sunday the reverse singles were contested. Wins were recorded by Sid Yank in the 12s boys and Liam Howes in the 10s boys.

Marlborough player Joe Bushell came in at the last minute and helped out Canterbury, who had a sick player He had four wins in the 10s competition.

Tasman players from Marlborough: Jay Geris, Brandon Brooker, William Poff, Joe Yank, Dan Clarke, Ryo Kimura, Elijah O’Donnell, Sid Yank, Oliver Clarke, Josh Harris, Lily Parkinson, Poppy Eradus, Lilly Walkenhorst, Jemimah O’Donnell, Poppy Parkinson.

Helen Redshaw serves during the recent seniors open two-day tournament, while Sheena Grey waits at the net for a volley. Photo: Supplied.

Veteran tennis players in action

The Marlborough Veterans Tennis Club recently completed another successful winter season when its league competition wound up late last month.

The league was played over 12 weeks on Sunday mornings and was keenly contested by 60 players and 25 reserves.

It is a mixed gender doubles format with all four players playing a set against each other. At the end of the match all games won by individuals are added with a maximum of 18 points.

The top player moves up a league, the bottom player moves down and the middle two stay in the same league for the next match, ensuring all matches are even and keenly-contested at all levels of ability.

Veteran tennis league men’s winner Mike Ennis with event organiser Brian Martin at the prizegiving. Photo: Supplied.
Veteran tennis league men’s winner Mike Ennis with event organiser Brian Martin at the prizegiving. Photo: Supplied.

This year Karina Greenall finished on top of the women’s standings with 163 points. Second equal were Pauline Troon and Trish Dahlberg, both with 158 points.

Mike Ennis took out the top men’s award with 166 points, closely followed by Weir Broadbridge with 163 points and Hugh Robinson with 162 points.


Meanwhile, the Marlborough seniors open two-day tournament, originally scheduled for September 14-15 but postponed due to the weather, was played late last month.

With local veterans club president Max George promoting participation and comradeship, local entries were strong along with those travelling from Nelson.

A round-robin competition assured all players had three or four games.

Results of the 2019 Marlborough Veterans Tournament


Group 1: 1 Kent Register and Phil Sowman; 2 Stephen Dempster and Brendon Sutherland; Plate Max George and Owen Dodson. Group 2: 1 Simon Bamford and Glen Mackie; 2 Stan Wallace and Doug Jones.



Group 1: 1 Pauline Fudge and Donna Clark; 2 Mary-Anne Sloper and Pauline Low. Group 2: 1 Caroline Cornelius and Luan Muir; 2 Roberta Marshall and Diane Wallace. Group 3: 1 Jean Walker and Trish Wehner; 2 Melanie Carriere and Bronwyn Keown.



Group 1: 1 Owen Dodson and Eveline van der Linden; 2 Brendon Sutherland and Pauline Fudge. Group 2: 1 Jim Sampson and Roberta Marshall; 2 Garry Tait and Jacqui Swanston. Group 3: 1 Anthony Bowron and Luan Muir; 2 Mike Ennis and Melanie Carriere. Group 4: 1 Bill Taylor and Denise Taylor; 2 Andrew Turner and Annette Hewetson.


Special awards

The Eric Jackson Cup went to Joshua Joseph while the player of the tournament award was Roberta Marshall.

MTA president Lindsay Parkinson said the age eligibility was changed through public demand. File photo.

Younger tennis players given another option

Expect to see some fresher, younger faces in this season’s popular President’s Grade tennis competition.

In a bold move by the Marlborough Tennis Association, this season the age of participants is dropped from 35 to 19, opening the door for younger blood in what has been traditionally an event for the more senior players.

Competitors must be 19 or older on October 1, 2019 to qualify for the competition. Play in the WK+ Advisors and Accountants president’s grade begins on Tuesday, October 15.

MTA president Lindsay Parkinson said the age eligibility was changed through public demand.

“Other than the premier competition, the association didn’t have a team competition for those aged 19 to 35. Thus, an average, fairly social player would have few options until he or she reached 35 years.

“The Marlborough Tennis Club’s leagues, which run in winter and summer, are open to all ages but it is an individual competition and not a team competition – and this is not interclub.

“We are hoping that by lowering the age restriction it will boost [president’s grade] division four in particular and bring more people back to the game.”

There is also change to the local premier competition, scheduled to be played on Wednesdays.

Unlike previous years the Wine Brokers New Zealand premier competition will run until Christmas – four teams (two from Rapaura, one from Marlborough and one from Renwick) will compete over three rounds, concluding with a finals night on December 11.

After Christmas there will be a competitive Super Series competition which will be open to teams of two players and will not be club-based – there is expected to be two divisions.

This competition will conclude in early March and will also be played on Wednesday evenings.