Speed on the menu for cafe superstar

Jason and Tracey Clark have been making their mark on the world of rally driving. Photo: Supplied.

A Blenheim serving star, known for being fast on her feet, is setting speed records elsewhere – in her rally car.

During the week, popular CBD café, bakery and deli staff member Tracey Clark won the Dovedale west gravel hillclimb sprint with husband Jason.

The Marlborough Car Club members have just returned from a race in Timaru where they worked as crew and stayed trackside.

The rally, organised by Nelson Car Club took place in Wakefield recently and saw the duo climb 239ft over 4kms.

Jason and Tracey Clark's rally car. Photo: Supplied.
Jason and Tracey Clark’s rally car. Photo: Supplied.

They scooped first place with a time of 1.59.655 minutes, beating second place contestants by points of a second.

It’s the first time they have won there, says Tracey who has been involved in the sport since 1994.

She also met her husband through rally car racing.

“Luckily we get on very well,” she says.

“I used to drive many years ago but took a break when we had children before getting back into it in 2013 as a co-driver and navigator”.

All drivers must hold a current club membership of a Member club to be eligible to compete.

Before competing, Tracey says teams travel round the course at a slower pace, taking notes needed to help navigate through the race itself.

“We get to look at the road and drive at a speed you’d go on a normal road and write out own notes.

“That’s what I use to navigate, it’s called an Indian file,” she says.

With their oldest son, who is just 12 years old, already driving his own rally car with Marlborough Car Club, it won’t be long before the whole family are involved in the sport.

Tracey says it’s “hard to explain” exactly why the sport has such a strong pull.

“It’s basically the adrenaline.

Marlborough Car Club are holding a special open day with an open day event on Saturday 29 June to showcase the club and attract new members.

Anyone aged 12 plus is welcome to attend. There is a $10 entry fee. Safety gear is provided and limited club cars will be available.

The club is at 102 Aerodrome Road, Omaka in Blenheim and the event will be held between 12-5pm.

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