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School project leads to charity lifeline

Friends Milly Gjelstad, 12 and Kayla Gifford, 13, have taken their school project to the next level. Photo: Matt Brown.

A school project has inspired two young friends to embark on a special charity quest.

Rapaura School friends Milly Gjelstad, 12 and Kayla Gifford, 13, worked on an inquiry into Voyages, inspired by the upcoming Tōtaranui 250 celebrations.

The friends focused their efforts on voyages of a different kind – those made by Syrian refugees fleeing their homelands.

Milly and Kayla were so stricken by their plight they have launched a bid to help buy a lifeboat.

Kayla says she came up with the idea as a result of all the research the pair did into the issue.

“Throughout our research stage we came across ‘Atlantic Pacific, Lifeboat in a Box’ which is an organisation whom help people all over the world.

“It was quite eye opening. After emailing them some questions they mentioned that they struggle with funding for the lifeboats.

“The money that we raise will go towards new lifeboats to help those people in need,” she says.

The kind-hearted duo held a bake sale at school and sold honey made at Kayla’s home in the Waihopia Valley.

Milly says the pair wanted to raise money to help the organisation, that sends lifeboats to the Mediterranean, by making as much money as possible to put towards the project.

“We did a lot of research and although I knew some about the refugees, we found out a lot more.

““It’s good we can help,” she says.

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