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Rocky mystery for puzzled residents

Caitlin Fuller with one of the rocks which has hit their Blenheim home. Photo: Matt Brown

Mysterious rocks crashing onto a house roof have left a Blenheim homeowner feeling like Chicken Little.

Perplexed homeowner Trish Fuller says she’s starting to feel like the book and movie character after stones started falling from a seemingly clear sky.

And it’s not just her South St home that’s been affected, her neighbours have fallen foul of the mystery too.

Several ideas have been floated, from coconut-carrying African swallows to rambunctious kids with slingshots, but the random pebbles remain a mystery.

On Monday night, she called the police but there was “nothing for them to go on,” she says.

“Initially, we thought it was kids, but on a Monday night?”

The rocks have been falling every night, every couple of hours, Trish says.

“It’s quite scary when it happens, it gives you a fright.”

“They’re not dropping out of the sky, well they are, but they’re coming from somewhere.

Trish, on a Facebook post, asked Marlburians whether it was feasible birds could be the culprits.

“When I went to Darwin last year, they have birds that collect shells and stones to make a beautiful nest,” she says.

“Maybe we have birds like that?

“But why would they do it at night?”

Trish’s daughter, Caitlin Fuller, says they have been racking their brains to come up with plausible reasons for the boulder barrage.

“We have no idea,” Caitlin says.

“Because why would someone throw stones? That’s the question isn’t it, why would you?”

Neighbour Peter Snowden saw rocks arcing over from an adjacent property during the day. Photo: Matt Brown.
Neighbour Peter Snowden saw rocks arcing over from an adjacent property during the day. Photo: Matt Brown.

The enigma seemed to raise more questions than answers until neighbour Peter Snowden arriving home from work saw a volley of stones arcing from a nearby property.

“I was talking to the builder and another great big one hit the fence while we were talking,” Peter says.

“We thought it was coming from the construction site next door, someone throwing stones”.

Peter described the stone-throwers as idiots.

“I knew it wouldn’t be children, they would have to be adults.

“It’s only a matter of time, when they’re throwing them during the day, that someone’s going to get hit.

“It’s put a few dents in the iron.

“One time, we thought it was fireworks.

“It wasn’t just one at a time, there would be a bunch of thumps, three or four at a time.

Peter and Trish have both called the police, they hoped it was the end of the mystery.

A police spokesman says their enquiries into the thuggish vandalism are ongoing.

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