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Rescued penguin family go wild

EcoWorld technician Margret Hall checking out the family of Little Blue Penguins before release. Photo: Supplied

A family of penguins are safely back in the wild after being released by rescuers.

The trio of Little Blue Penguins are finding their feet at Kaipupu Wildlife Sanctuary near Picton.

Nicknamed, Harry, Meghan and Archie by staff at EcoWorld Aquarium & Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre staff, the family were found trapped in a drain in September.

But after a month of rehabilitation, the two adult penguins and their baby, have been given the all clear and freed on Thursday.

“It’s a real feel good story with a fantastic result,” says EcoWorld’s director John Reuhman.

“The Little Blues, affectionately named Harry, Meghan and Archie by one of our royalist visitors from the UK, have responded really well to our care.

“It’s been a privilege to watch them regain their health, especially mum and dad feeding their baby regurgitating up the King Salmon rehab. formula we fed them.

“The team has cared for them really well.  Now back in tip top condition and getting feistier every day we decided it was out the door and back into the wild for the trio.”

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