Renwick tennis team stretches lead

Cameron Lyons picked up two wins for Marlborough Forrest Wines in the Wednesday night premier tennis competition. Photo: Peter Jones.

Renwick and Rapaura Noir claimed hard-fought wins in the latest round of Marlborough premier tennis.

Table-toppers Renwick beat Rapaura Blanc 6-3 while Rapaura Noir edged past Marlborough Forrest Wines 5-4 on Wednesday.

Hamish Morrow and Cameron Lyons ensured Marlborough made a winning start in the men’s doubles, getting the better of the accomplished Noir pairing of Hamish McRae and Brendan Sutherland 7-5, 7-6.

Hugh Robinson and Glen Cameron got Noir on the board, beating Jay and Luca Geris 6-0, 6-2, while Rapaura also claimed the mixed doubles clash, by default, a crucial result as it turned out.

The singles were shared, McRae beating Morrow 6-4, 1-6, 10-5 in the top match. Noir also notched wins through Ross Charlton and Eveline Apthorp to take out the tie.

Lyon and both the Geris brothers won singles for Marlborough.

The men’s doubles were shared in the Renwick v Rapaura Blanc tie, Ben Burridge and Stephen Dempster claiming a victory for Rapaura before Oscar Sandford-Jury and Chris Nott levelled the score for Renwick.

The mixed doubles were won by Renwick’s Daniel Riordan and Mieko Kimura, then they wrapped up the tie by claiming four of the six singles through wins to Nott, Joseph Sandford-Jury, Riordan and Kimura.

Points after seven rounds: Renwick CPR 104, Rapaura Wairau Blanc 84, Rapaura Wairau Noir 64, Marlborough Forrest Wines 51.


WK+ Presidents grade results, November 26.

Division 1: MTC Power 0 Rapaura Wairau River 4; MTC Chilli 1 Rapaura Just Move 3.

Division 2: Rapaura Newhawkes 2 (24) MTC Swifts 2 (33); Rapaura Pinot 1 MTC Roger Townley Construction 3; Renwick Mighty Four 2 (30) MTC Volleyeurs 2 (27); MTC Swallows 2 (33) Rapaura Matadors 2 (26).

Division 3: Renwick Rebels 4 Renwick Re-strung 0; MTC Bjorn Again 1 Grovetown Grove Tavern Turf & Tackle 3; Renwick Rookies 0 Renwick Netsetters 4; MTC Tennis the Menace 2 (31) Rapaura Chardonnay 2 (26).

Division 4: Renwick Racquets 1 Rapaura Shiraz 3; Rapaura Vines 0 Grovetown Grove Tavern Platters 4.

NOTE: For the nest round Renwick Netsetters have been promoted to division two, replacing Rapaura Matadors, who have dropped down to division three.

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