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New security bid to stop speedsters

A remote accessed security camera is set to help stop speedsters in their tracks.

Marlborough District Council bosses have given the go-ahead for a new $12,500 camera on Blenheim’s Taylor Pass Road.

Parts of the road near the Bluegums Landfill area have become notorious for speedsters, the road often blackened with looping tyre marks.

Council bosses hope the new camera will deter potentially dangerous behaviour and stop dangerous drivers.

Marlborough District Council solid waste manager Alec McNeil says there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour outside the landfill site entrance.

In a report to the council’s assets and services committee last week, Alec says the camera would be set on an eight-metre security pole.

It’s hoped the additional security measure will stop potential offenders.

“This is a relatively new phenomenon over the last two years here and it may just turn out to be flavour of the month before they move on to a new spot.

“Taylor Dam and the carpark there are definite draw cards,” he says.

By hooking into the existing infrastructure, the camera will store data enabling any incidents to be recorded.

The move comes following talks with Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) about installing the new, hi-tech camera.

FENZ are installing cameras at the Rifle Range and Forest Park Drive carparks.

Both council staff and fire personnel would be able to access the camera remotely.

While unbudgeted, money will be set aside from the council’s depreciation reserve and installed as part of upgrade works to the existing system.

“It’s a community thing really, about helping out when we can,” Alex says.

Principal rural fire officer John Foley says the extra measure would be a definite deterrent.

“These cameras are there to be used by council if damage is done to assets or vehicles parked in the car parks,” John says.

He added while the budget was not available from the fire service for another camera, he supported the move.

“From a community good point of view, and the only camera that would be on Taylor Pass it could prove very useful, as did the TDC cameras in Tasman during recent fire.”

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