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New paper for our region

More coverage of local news and sport will be the result of Marlborough Weekly’s launch today, says its co-owner.

Marlborough Weekly is a free community newspaper delivered to almost 19,000 homes and businesses across the region.

It is published by the same local company that also prints Marlborough Magazine and Marlborough App.

The paper will be delivered every Tuesday, meaning it will be first in the market, a huge advantage for advertisers and readers keen to know what is happening in their communities.

Co-owner and sales manager Summa MacDonald says the paper aims to be the region’s best and she’s been delighted with the response from the local business community.

“Local business owners have been really keen to jump on board, in fact there are over 70 different businesses in our first issue, which is amazing. They understood that a strong community paper was a great place to advertise their business and along with our monthly lifestyle magazine and community smartphone app, we have all of the bases covered.”

Summa says community news is an important part of any community.

“I live in the Awatere with my husband and three children and I hear all the time that people like to feel connected with their community. We hope that this paper will help people do that.”

The paper will cover a range of community events, which will be covered by experienced Marlborough journalists Paula Hulburt and Kat Pickford with sport covered by Peter Jones.

“Currently no other media is covering sport with any great depth. This will be a huge advantage for us and everyone knows that Pete is the best sports journalist in Marlborough,” says Summa.

Rounding out the team is Lisa Erikson and Susie Williams in sales, Toni Woolf in design and publisher Andrew Board. They join Kat Duggan and Sarah Hodgett, who also work on the company’s magazine.

If you have a story you’d like told, contact the news team at [email protected] or if you’d like to advertise your business, email [email protected] or call 928 4121.

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