Nelson runners take QC Relay honours again

Marlborough runner Billy Hebberd produced the fastest time on the first leg at the QC Relay. Photo: Peter Jones.

The Athletics Nelson junior men’s team took out the annual Queen Charlotte Relay title in comprehensive fashion on Saturday afternoon.

The team of Janek Manderson, Fletcher Pickworth, Luke Clatworthy, Matt Bowen and Ben Baker covered the five legs of the twisting course from Picton to Havelock in a sharp time of two hours, three minutes 20 seconds.

They finished well clear of the second-placed Beavertown Hopefuls combination, comprising Billy Hebberd, Sophie Lee, George Varney, Marty Moran and Ian Thomas, who completed the course in 2.16.45.

Third was the Mad Dogs combination, a Picton-based crew of Karlos Tautari, Stu Barnes, Mark Hodren, Henry Evans and Hayden Gaudin, who came home in 2.22.43.

Three members of the winning team turned in fastest leg times. Pickworth was fastest on the second leg, Bowen took the honours on leg four while Baker completed his team’s victory with the quickest time over the final leg from Moenui to Havelock.

Hebberd turned in the quickest time on leg one while Stephen Blackwell, winner of the Woodbourne half and Tussock Run covered the third leg fastest.

The long-standing event began in 1982 and has been contested annually without a break.


Team placings 

Senior men: Transition Coaching 2:22:50, Wire Runners 2:23:11.

Senior women: Speedplay Green Stripes 2:43:37, Kfit Kruiser 3:05:19.

Veteran men: Old Eggs For Fast Legs 2:32:11, We run better than the Government 2:52:13, That 70’s team 3:05:23.

Veteran women: Waimea Vet A 2:42:34, Garden Tavern Runners Club 3:00:06, Waimea Team Buddies 3:11:40.

Junior men: Athletics Nelson Junior Men 2:03:20.

Junior women: Athletics Nelson Junior Women 2:39:49, Marlborough Harriers Junior Women 3:07:32.

Social: Beavertown Hopefuls 2:16:45, Mad Dogs 2:22:43, Marlborough Harrier Social 2:29:55.

Walkers: Waimea Walking Team 4:06:06, Locked Knees 4:08:58, Sharp Walkers 4:59:00.


Leg placings

Leg one

Senior Men Chase Edmonds 0:24:21; Senior Women Grace Wallace 0:28:31; Veteran Men Graeme Sellars 0:24:45; Veteran Women Klaartje Von Schier 0:22:44; Junior Men Janek Manderson 0:21:40; Junior Women Iris Meffan 0:25:13; Social Billy Hebberd 0:20:58; Walkers Jim Kerse 0:39:09

Leg two

SM Gus Marfell 0:30:32; SW Andrea Livingston 0:41:27; VM Stuart Cottam 0:34:19; VW Klaartje Von Schie 0:35:11; JM Fletcher Pickworth 0:28:33; JW Lucy Martin 0:38:03; Social Robbie Barnes 0:32:01; Walkers Peter Hague 0:52:51.

Leg three

SM Fergus Greer 0:30:29; SW Laura Smidt 0:32:38; VM Ian Carter 0:34:42; VW Emma Marsden 0:40:10; JM Luke Clatworthy 0:27:51; JW Ella Donald 0:36:04; Social Stephen Blackwell 0:27:39; Walkers Daryl Nish 0:55:18.

Leg four

SM Billy Hebberd 0:24:22; SW Laura Smidt 0:28:08; VM Derek Shaw 0:28:08; VW Fiona Lees 0:30:09; JM Matt Bowen 0:22:12; JW Heidi Stephens 0:29:18; Social Marty Moran 0:26:43; Walkers Ian Courtenay 0:40:12.

Leg five

SM Dakoda Jones 0:26:03; SW Jo Dwyer 0:32:32; VM Alistair Cotterill 0:30:17; VW Tania Gardner 0:30:40; JM Ben Baker 0:23:04; JW Lois Braukal 0:28:20; Social Ian Thomas 0:24:59; Walkers Gillian McDougal 0:50:10.

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