Kaikōura electorate candidates: What is your position on the 2020 cannabis referendum?

Stuart Smith.
Jamie Arbuckle.
Jamie Arbuckle.

Jamie Arbuckle – New Zealand First
The NZ First party position is for this issue to be decided by a referendum.
I personally will be voting No.
Government has recently passed legislation for the commercial cultivation of cannabis for medicinal use which I support.
To have recreational cannabis freely available, in my view, will cause more harm to vulnerable communities and set back achieving Smokefree Aotearoa 2025.

Matt Flight.
Matt Flight.

Matt Flight – Labour
I will be voting in favour.
Police spend approximately $120m a year policing a product which causes less harm than alcohol and other drugs.
I believe our police resources are better directed at tackling issues like methamphetamine, home invasions and other criminal acts which cause greater harm and concern in our community.

Stuart Smith.
Stuart Smith.

Stuart Smith – National
The cannabis referendum question is; ‘Do you support the proposed Cannabis and Control Legislation Bill’.
It has nothing to do with medicinal cannabis but rather would establish a legal framework for a regulated industry.
This is an inferior Bill that has not gone through the legislative process which may fix some of its shortcomings or indeed make it worse, but that is not what we are voting on, we are in effect being asked to sign a blank cheque.
I would however support decriminalising recreational cannabis which would mean that those with small amounts of cannabis would not be able to be charged with an offence.
But I do not support the proposed Bill which is what we are being asked to vote on.

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