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Hairdresser’s cut price community dream

Hairdresser Courtney Stevenson has big plans to open a free community salon. Photo: Matt Brown.

A hairdresser has set her heart on opening a community salon – offering beauty services at a snip of usual prices.

Kind-hearted Courtney Stevenson from Blenheim wants to help people who may be tight on funds spruce up their image.

The mum of two hopes the move will help boost flagging confidence levels.

And she’s also taking aim at nits, which she says are “rife” in the region.

“I’ve got pretty much everything I need for the salon, but I thought I would launch the Givealittle page and see what help the community could pop into it as well,” Courtney says.

Courtney has already organised space for a beautician, salon and barber, at Crossroads on Blenheim’s Main St.

“It’s based on look good, feel good, putting a pep in someone’s day,” she says.

“It’s a space where people can come and have their hair cut, women can have their eyebrows done.

“It’s a space to come and tidy up and feel good about yourself, really.”

After having an operation on her back, Courtney says she was “umming and ahhing” about returning to her job at a local salon.

A hairdresser for 17 years, she says the community salon isn’t going to be about making money.

“When it first launches, I’m going to offer a few hours in the mornings when my kids are at kindie,” she says.

“My kids are getting to school age and I’ve just noticed so many kids with overgrown hair.

“There’s loads and loads of kiddies whose parents just can’t afford to get them a haircut.”

She says nits are a problem that are getting “worse and worse” in classrooms.

“Salons don’t offer in salon treatment,” she says.

“Just speaking to mums and teachers, it is something the cost comes into.

“It’s so expensive for parents to be spending $30 or $40 every week on these reoccurring nits”.

Courtney estimates it will cost around $5000 to get her salon “set up and looking good”.

Trained as a barber and says she plans on doing men’s shaves too.

“The service is free, but also available to anyone.”

Courtney says a donation box will be available for those wanting to put something towards their new do.

“But ultimately, it is a free service,” she says.

“The women’s refuge has a lot of people they can refer, some place where they can feel good, have their nails painted and a bit of a pep really.”

She says a new haircut is a great confidence boost for upcoming job interviews.

“I think it’s really needed,” she says.

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