Glorious Marlborough gardens on show

Gardener Kirsty Wraight. Photo: Matt Brown.

A blossoming passion for plants has seen a husband and wife team open their garden up to help charity.

The St Andrews Annual Garden Tour is gearing up for another spectacular spring show.

And keen gardener Kirsty Wraight is ready to share her slice of paradise, Willows Garden, in Fairhall to help raise money for charity.

She says she still has a lot she wants to do in her three-year-old garden.

“It’s getting done slowly. It’s a real hobby for us,” she says.

Kirsty and her husband David spend a lot of their free time pottering about in the garden.

“We love it [the garden] and the fresh air.

She says after introducing David to gardening, he’s now surpassed her in skill.

“David is the number one gardener, he does all the hard work,” she laughs.

Visitors can look forward to seeing a wooded walkway complete with camelias, rhododendrons and hydrangeas.

Kirsty says their native lake-side plantings have become a priority as the couple welcome more native birds to their garden.

“We get a lot of bird life, which is nice,” Kirsty says.

“We’re getting a lot of Tui at the moment.”

“It’s something we both love and get a lot of joy from.”

Willows Garden is one of ten gardens on this year’s tour.

The St Andrew’s Church Annual Garden Tour is on the 17th and 18th of October, from 10am to 4pm.

Tickets and programmes are on sale at Roselands Pet and Plants, Devon Nursery, Selmes Trust, Islington Gardens, Morgans Road Nursery, Cresswells and the church office.

Included in the $20 ticket price is a scarecrow competition and display.

Entries for the scarecrow competition can be handed in to the church office.

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