Friends of missing man pay tribute

Friends of a man missing for 17 months hope a coroner can give them the closure they desperately need.

Colin Ross, 53, from the Waihopai Valley disappeared on 25 October 2017.

His case is now before a coroner who will look at the circumstances surrounding Colin’s disappearance.

Close friends Jason and Wendy Tillman from Rarangi say they miss their friend.

“His family and friends in New Zealand and Australia are needing closure, hoping for an official end of the case.

“We have been slowly coming to terms with accepting his passing,” says Jason.

Colin worked in the wine industry for more than 20 years in both Australia and New Zealand. Born in Malaysia, he moved to New Zealand in 2006. Jason says Colin was passionate about Organic and Biodynamic Agriculture, and was a leader in the field.

A member of the Biodynamic Council of New Zealand, he was considered an expert in his field and travelled to China to represent biodynamics in New Zealand.

“He had a deep love for nature and the Earth. He saw biodynamics as a way to help heal the Earth. He loved the ocean and was a keen surfer. He loved to cook, garden and dance.

“He was incredibly intelligent and generous, a dear friend and an inspiration to many, and a loving husband and father”, says Jason.

A police spokeswoman says while Colin is still considered missing the file has been referred to the coroner recently.

Before his disappearance Colin had his own successful business – Inspired Eyes. He used a drone to film and create promotional clips for companies.

Good friend Wendy Tillman says Colin was an inspiration. “Colin was an inspired human being who was one of my dearest friends. I see him in the moon, the stars and in every bit of soil”, she says.

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