Erin impresses during Indonesian trip

Erin Green in action at Stadium 2000. Photo: Peter Jones.

Marlborough speed skater Erin Green has furthered her top-level experience with a recent taste of international competition.

Last month, Erin joined forces with 10 skaters from South Canterbury and Nelson for a trip to the V3 Open, the Tangerang Regent Cup and the Bekasi Open in Indonesia.

The banked track competitions attracted skaters from India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and this country, with approximately 300 speed skaters involved across all the grades.

Erin showed she was well up to the competition, landing several podium placings despite the hot conditions, which tested the stamina of the whole South Island contingent.

In Tangerang, a suburb city of Indonesian capital Jakarta, she picked up individual bronze medals in the 500m, 1000m and relay. She also came home sixth in the 5000m elimination, involving 25 skaters, and finished fifth in the 200m time trial. She was placed sixth in the marathon.

The final week of her trip saw the team compete at Bakasi, a commuter city to Jakarta.

The skaters were limited to two short course races, Erin choosing the 500 and 1000m. She claimed a silver medal in the shorter event and narrowly missed a third placing in the 1000m.

Again, she finished sixth in the marathon, the second best Kiwi, a top effort in testing conditions and a highly promising result for her future in the sport.

NZ speed skating legend Bill Begg, a much-travelled and highly-rated coach who travelled with the team, told Erin’s folks that she had achieved “excellent” results.

He wrote, “We were very proud of her efforts as no doubt you were. It helped push her up the ladder to where the other top girls are. Instead of chasing the field she is now one of them.”

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