Deputy mayor sworn in

Deputy mayor Nadine Taylor being sworn in as Marlborough mayor John Leggett looks on. Photo: Matt Brown.

Marlborough’s new deputy mayor is officially ready to begin duties as second in command after being sworn in today.

Marlborough Sounds Ward Councillor Nadine Taylor was sworn into office by mayor John Leggett.

Wairau-Awatere Councillor Francis Maher was also sworn in and becomes Chair of the Regional Transport Committee.

It was an important moment for both, with the deputy mayor saying taking on the role was an honour and she was looking forward to working with a “great team.”

“For any of us to do our jobs, we have to be a part of a team. Looking around the table, I can see another great team already.

“We’re backed the most excellent staff.

“It was very easy for me to say yes to John when he asked if I would be his deputy mayor because I find him to be an excellent leader.

“I find myself to be surrounded by a great team – people in this building and at this table and I’m really looking forward to the next few years of working with you,” she says.

Nadine will also chair the Assets and Services Committee, overseeing the management of the Council’s big-budget assets and amenities infrastructure.

As the deputy mayoral chain was placed around her neck by Marlborough Mayor John Legget, Nadine says she welcomes the chance to fulfill her pledge to the district and its people.

“We live in a really special part of the world – our unique Marlborough Sounds and wild Cook Strait waterways, a very successful wine industry, and flourishing tourism, forestry and service industries.

“All of us fulfilling this pledge we made to this district and to our people.

“My background and experience gives me an appreciation of the importance of our primary producers, both land- and sea-based, who are key to the success of Marlborough. They are a big part of our history and the social fabric of our communities.”

“I will strive to be a connector between the Council and our communities, making sure people’s voices are heard in our decision-making, she says.

Originally from Awatere, Nadine went to Seddon School and then Marlborough Girls’ College.

For the last 21 years she has lived in Picton, and also for a time in Tory Channel, in the outer Marlborough Sounds. She has extensive business experience as an owner of a rock lobster fishing company.

She and her partner Graham have two adult sons.

It is family support that makes her role possible she says.

“Like any team, there’s always those that twirl away and don’t get seen and the offices and at home and I think on behalf of all of us I would like to acknowledge – my family’s sitting here and your families – because they are the ones that, as you race out the door, with everything streaming behind you, shut the door on the mess and the worries behind so that we can give service to the province.

It’s only right that we should acknowledge them as well.”

Mayor Leggett says he is confident in his choice for the deputy mayor role.

“Nadine has excelled in her role as a councillor over the last three years.

“We work well together and I’m confident she has the qualities to be outstanding in the role,” he says.

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