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Cyclist breaks neck in accident with ambulance

Paula Hulburt

A cyclist who broke his neck after an accident with an ambulance, was not taken to hospital by the crew who allegedly pulled out in front of him.

The Blenheim man suffered neck and spinal injuries according to a source.

His injuries were so severe he could have been paralysed, Marlborough Weekly has learnt.

Ambulance crew dropped the patient off at an urgent care clinic, just metres from the hospital.

Ambulance staff are assisting police with their enquiries.

St John’s Marlborough Territory Manager Murray Neal says the patient was assessed as having moderate injuries.

“St John confirms that a patient transfer vehicle was involved in an accident with a cyclist at the intersection of Alabama Road and Redwood Street at 10.32am in Blenheim on Sunday.

“The patient transfer vehicle had no patients on board at the time of the accident.

“One person was assessed by ambulance staff at the scene as having moderate injuries and was transported to Wairau Urgent Care Centre for further assessment.

“St John is assisting police with its inquiries”.

The accident happened after an ambulance allegedly pulled out, directly into the path of the cyclist.

His helmet was destroyed, and he was taken to the Urgent Care Clinic next to Wairau Hospital, before being transferred to the hospital itself for further tests.

He was later admitted to Burwood Spinal hospital in Christchurch.

Police confirmed they had attended an accident between an ambulance and cyclist.

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