Charity kitchen stirs up support

Crossroads Marlborough office manager Lauren Dodson. Photo: Matt Brown.

Volunteers will hang up their aprons and take to the streets in a bid to raise vital funds for a community kitchen.

Community kitchen Crossroads will have people rattling buckets around town looking for a much-needed cash boost.

Office manager Lauren Dodson says she is pushing for more entrepreneurial ways for the bustling Redwood Street kitchen to raise an income.

“We’re currently living off fundraising and grants,” she says.

Crossroads is a not-for-profit that helps ensure people of Blenheim “don’t wake up hungry, cold or alone”.

Lauren says all money raised will go towards operating the community space.

“It’s not cheap,” Lauren says. “It costs around $11,000 to $14,000 per month to run.”

She says money will go towards food costs, electricity and providing internet to their customers.

“If this goes well, we’re aiming to do this annually.”

Lauren says there can be “confusion” from members of the public about what service Crossroads provides to the service – so volunteers will also be handing pamphlets to give people a “better idea” about their core role.

The Blenheim Lions, Beavertown Lions and SBS bank staff have volunteered to collect funds from the public around the Blenheim CBD.

But Lauren says they are still looking for volunteers to help on Scott St.

“Two hours would be awesome, but an hour would be fine,” Lauren says.

The Crossroads Marlborough Community Centre street appeal will take place this Friday throughout the Blenheim CBD from 9am to 1pm.

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