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Blind cat saved from watery death

Max the cat was reported missing when someone tried to drown him. Photo: Supplied.

An elderly, blind cat has been reunited with his owner after being rescued just moments before being drowned.

Marlborough SPCA staff were tipped off by the public that someone was trying to drown 15-year-old tabby cat, Max.

His distraught owner had been searching for his beloved pet for a month and was reunited after staff at the Renwick centre swooped in to save him.

An SPCA spokeswoman says they took Max into their Foxes Island centre to care for him.

“Earlier this month, SPCA Renwick were called out to reports of a member of the public trying to drown a cat.

“SPCA took the cat in but were concerned about his overall health due to old age.

“A few days after the rescue, an SPCA employee noticed that the cat looked very much like one he had seen on a missing poster and on Facebook.

“Max is now back in his loving home, getting the care and attention he needs,” she says.

Centre staff now hope people will help raise money for other animals in need.

“Without the help of the public, a story like Max’s may not have ended so well.

“The SPCA rely on Kiwis for their donations to continue carrying out the fantastic work they do every day, in this case, it included rescuing Max, nursing him back to good health and reuniting him with his owner,” the spokeswoman says.

The SPCA’s latest fundraiser, the Great NZ Paws Walk takes place on 9 November and the Foxes Island centre urgently needs more people and pups on board.

Staff will be hosting a walk from 10am. Sign up via

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