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Bee App good for buzz-iness

An end-to-end beekeeping app designed and incubated by Marlborough beekeepers, is set to create a buzz in the global apiculture industry.

BeeApp co-founder Dale DeLuca moved to Marlborough in 2011 to start Putake Honey with his wife Renee DeLuca.

With his background in analytical data and technology consulting, it wasn’t long before the self-taught apiarist started looking for ways to use technology to solve some of the everyday problems beekeepers have.

“After looking up apps for beekeepers, I quickly found there wasn’t anything decent around that was going to help me understand how my hives were performing, or keep track of the health of my bees, or beekeep sustainably,” Dale says.

“As a beekeeper I understand what beekeepers need and having the technology skills I thought why not have a go at developing something that we can take to the world.”

So Dale and his friends Erik Bast and Christian Stresing got straight to work developing BeeApp under their apicultural consultation company Bee Intelligence.

The Putake beekeeping team replaced paper and pencil with the app, and their feedback and insights have been key to further developing and simplifying the platform.

What started as a simple beekeeping app, has grown into a platform with a suite of functions to support virtually everyone in the apiculture industry.

Erik says BeeApp helps with everything from honey queen bee breeding, to beekeeping, sustainable apiculture, honey extraction, honey trading, inventory management and sales.

“It’s simple to use, integrates with smart hive sensors and other software to collect data from various sources and turn it into information with actionable insights,” Erik says. “These help companies manage costs, track assets and optimise their businesses,” Erik says.

BeeApp has already generated a lot of buzz in New Zealand, with a dozen commercial bee and honey companies using the platform.

The real opportunity lies in international markets, and the team will be showcasing BeeApp at industry events, including the world’s largest apiculture trade show in Montreal later this year.

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