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Appeal for help as family face cancer ordeal

Alivia McGhie was excitedly trying on her clothes ready for her first day at school.

The bubbly youngster was also looking forward to a joint birthday with brother George. The balloons had been bought and friends invited.

But a shock diagnosis means the youngster is in hospital instead. Diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Family and friends are now rallying around to help the family in a bid to ensure they can be together while Alivia undergoes treatment.

Rebecca says the diagnosis of Angiomatoid Fibrous Histiocytoma (AFH) was devastating.

“We couldn’t comprehend telling Alivia that she is sick and that she won’t be starting school yet.

“This was hard because she was excited to be dressing up for her first week of school, playing, learning and building new friendships,” she says.

Rebecca says she found a lump under Alivia’s arm in December. A scan followed and Alivia was sent to Christchurch for a biopsy.

“Finally came the day Friday 15 March 2019, the worst day we could ask for, finding out our baby girl Alivia has a rare cancer.

“It’s been a big shock to everyone in the family, as we were only going down to Christchurch for three days to get a lump removed and now, we have been here nearly five weeks

While curable, the five-year-old will have to undergo two rounds of chemotherapy for around eight months.

Alivia and her mum stay in either Christchurch Hospital’s Child Haematology Oncology Centre (CHOC) or at Ronald MacDonald House.

Dad Russell is at home in Blenheim with George.

Any money raised would help raised will help reduce financial stress on the family.

“It enables me to not have to worry about work, so I can give 100 per cent to our daughter’s recovery, but also for Russell to reduce his work hours so he can keep George in some sort of routine.

“We are truly overwhelmed with the support and want to thank our employers for being so supportive and understanding during this time.

“Russell and I are so grateful to everyone and want to say a big thank you, for all the support we have behind us.

“I would be here on my own if it wasn’t for Ronald McDonald House, it takes away the stress of being on your own.

“The staff here are truly amazing and so supportive. If ever there is a cause to get behind its Ronald McDonald House,” she says.

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