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Sounds locals appalled by ‘ghastly’ dumping

Children’s toys and household rubbish, along with what should be beloved family pets are being discarded along the Port Underwood Rd. Photo: Supplied.

Cruel pet owners have been ditching animals at a remote dump site – creating an illegal pet cemetery.

A concerned Port Underwood resident has discovered a dead dog with a gunshot wound as well as a cage of abandoned guinea pigs.

The woman, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisal, says the area has an “ongoing” illegal dumping problem.

Alongside children’s toys and household rubbish, what should be beloved family pets are being discarded, she says.

“It’s quite ghastly.

“It’s obviously a bach owner – they’ve just done a house up.

“There’s gib and wood panelling, but also pig skins and carcasses.

“Green waste is no biggy, but appliances, the big stuff, it’s costing us an arm and a leg.”

The dog was discovered last week amongst gib and other debris down a cliff from a skid site along the windy Port Underwood Road.

This follows the finding of a cage of black guinea pigs, some dead and some alive, found nearby a week earlier.

Police and the council have been contacted but claim there is nothing they can do.

“Police say they can’t do anything without a registration number.

“Council say it’s out of their jurisdiction,” she says.

“The locals want it to stop.

“It’s tragic to see the amount of people affected by the rubbish.”

A council spokesman says “flytipping” is a problem in the Marlborough Sounds “from time to time”.

“The council sympathises with landowners who suffer from flytipping, but the onus is usually on them to remove any rubbish dumped on

their property,” the spokesman says.

“The Council operates seven transfer stations throughout Marlborough and people are encouraged to take their waste there.”

The spokesman says council is trialling free tip days at transfer stations in an effort to reduce illegal dumping across the district.

“We will follow up with this landowner and see if we can assist,” he says.

The council spokesman says council have been trialling free dump days at the Picton Transfer Station and at Foxs Island in Renwick in a bid to clamp down on illegal dumping.

The free tipping excludes green waste and is limited to one vehicle load.

He says the trial will extend to the Blenheim Transfer Station before the end of the year.

Anyone with information about illegal dumping can call the council on 03 520 7400.

The spokesman says the council will prosecute offenders if they are caught.

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